Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Courage, 45 x 45  (Dedicated to my youngest daughter Mei Li and birthmother)
                                       The Courage to love take many forms.

I wrote her letters every year until my daughter started school.  I still find myself whispering the latest news, hoping that somehow it will find it's way to her. She would be so proud of this little one we share. A university sophomore, now 5 feet tall, smart , beautiful, stubborn and one of the worlds greatest procrastinators.  Is it 50/50? Nature versus nurture?  If so, then we would have a lot to discuss.  What came from where?  The stubbornest is up for grabs, Her beauty and charm, I definitely will have to concede.
I think about you a lot.  Maybe more than our daughter does at this phase of her young and exciting life.  She is almost the same age as when you made this monumental decision.  Would it have all been different if your circumstances at this age had been similar to hers?

The letters have never been read.  When my daughter was twelve, we sent extra money to the agency asking that they try and find an updated address or contact.  We were told that after that first year, they had not been able to locate any forwarding information.  At this time, my daughter says she is not interested in searching, but the connection between the three of us still exists.
A connection of courage and hope.  That little one, wide eyed, trusting that love will help her become the best of whom God created her to be. Each mother filled with a different type of courage.  hoping that love would conquer many of the obstacles in her path.  We share this amazing young woman.  I wish there was a way to reassure you that she has thrived with our love. 
 An image of the connection came to me in a way that words could not express.  So I made a visual verse from hundreds of scraps of fabric. A quilt that holds the courage and love that all three of us share.  Soon it will be my turn to let her go out in to the world.  Her wings are strong, her character solid, her choices wise. I will borrow your courage.  She will continue to thrive. The 50/ 50 we have given her will be enough.

Last Dance in the Arctic, features the plight of the Polar Bears. National Geographic and Wild life Diversity center estimate that in 4o years time all of the alaskan polar bears will all disapear at the current rate of global warming.   These majestic creatures cry out for our help as there children and world literally melt away.